Cleaning and Protecting Your Aluminum Parts

How to ensure you are doing it the right way.
–Scott Cain

Q: Does the CP in these products leave a visible film on the parts?
A:  In most cases any CP product will not leave a visible film. However, if the concentration is over 5% in the final rinse of a batch system (or any system without the presence of an air knife) there can be a visible film.

Q: Are cast aluminum and extruded aluminum treated the same regarding corrosion protection?
A: The short answer is no. Because of the other materials present in cast aluminum, such as copper, it is more difficult to clean. That being said it can be achieved when the correct chemistry and process is implemented.

Q: If my application involves both aluminum and steel parts does this need to be a two separate processes?
A: The presence of two materials does not require another cleaning process, what it does require is the evaluation of a chemistry that is able to handle both materials.

Q: How long can the cleaner/CP combination products protect aluminum?
A: Long term protection over one year can be achieved at a concentration of 4-6% in the final rinse.