Cleaning Inspection Methods After Washing Processes in the Metal-Mechanical Industry

New methods for your process.
–Wayne Raney

Q: Are the requirements of one cleaning customer in the automotive industry the same as another?

A: No, each client has its own requirements, and although both are governed by ISO guidelines, the requirements of one may be greater than those of the other.

Q: If the surface energy ink fades after a few minutes, does that mean the test failed?

A: We recommend static and dynamic testing to see how the material behaves on its own in a bulk sense and during your specific process parameters. Something to note: if you have any special properties (Thermal, RF, etc.) that need to be verified, you should also track those.

Q: Is the cleaning on washing machines in the laboratory done with the same cleaning agent as the process washers?

A: Not necessarily. Each client stipulates which agent is used to wash the parts in the laboratory, and this can be the same as the one they clean with or a different one.