Cleaning No Clean Flux/Paste – Part 1

A short history of no clean products.
–Eric Bromley

Q: Does “no clean” mean I no longer need to clean my PCBs?
A: Technically yes but for the reasons we discussed in this T2T we do not recommend it.
Q: Can I Conformal Coat over NC residues?
A: In some cases yes, but depending on the end use it should be cleaned prior.
Q: Can I clean NC residues with water only?
A: No, NC residues are not water soluble and require a heated cleaning chemistry designed for this purpose to clean.
Q: Can I use an RMA and NC Flux together on the same PCB?
A: Yes, many processes use an RMA Flux for most of the PCB assembly when cleaned. Post clean a NC flux is used when adding components by hand that cannot be subjected to a fluid wash.