Cleaning No Clean Flux/Paste Series – Part 2

Why are YOU using it?
–Charlie Pitarys

Q: Can I mix NC and water-soluble flux formulas?
A: YES. But know the NC flux is driving the bus. Water alone will not remove the NC residue. It will likely affect the clear finish leaving it white and perhaps powder-like.
Q: My test pins get dirty with the solder paste flux residue, what are my options?
A: There are solder pastes designed to minimize this. If you cannot switch the pins they must be cleaned regularly.
Q: Can I clean NC residues with isopropyl alcohol?
A: No. It is best to leave it alone. IPA will not solubilize all the components of the flux and will leave ugly white residues.
Q: How do I clean NC solder paste from my SMT stencils/foil?
A: This will require a cleaning process that uses a cleaning agent designed for stencils, etc.