Cleaning No Clean Flux/Paste Series – Part 4

What about misprints? Is this a problem?
–Shawn Varney

Q: Is manual cleaning good enough for NC flux/paste?

A: I would break this into two answers.

1. When cleaning a stencil, you can manually clean. But you really should run it through a wash process to ensure there are no clogged apertures.
2. When cleaning a board, I wouldn’t recommend it. There are too many risks involved for more rework. For benchtop rework, ensure you have a good aerosol chemistry that doesn’t require a rinse afterwards.

Q: Can Nano coating prevent my misprints?

A: Yes, with solder paste transfer efficiency.

Q: What is the best way to prevent a misprint?

A: A well-tuned in process and operator. Setup at the very beginning or qualification is very important for a long-term success.

Q: Does maintenance play a role in this?

A: Absolutely. Well-oiled/greased rails, clean inside with no FOD, no air leaks, filters are clean, etc.