Combination Products Series – Part 1

Ferrous Metals.
– Will Sweet

Q: Is a dry film CP-specific product more effective at rust protection than a combination product?

A: Not in particular. We can put the same “CP Package” into our combination products that we put in to our CP specific products. So, the concentration and time of the final rinse is really all the matters in providing adequate protection.

Q: Are there any extra maintenance steps to implement when using a combination chemistry?

A: All aqueous CP products end up creating some “scale” in whatever wash stage that they are being used in. So, the main difference in maintenance will be the fact that a CP product will now be used in the wash tank as well. So, expect slightly more scale build up in the wash tank and set up maintenance washer clean outs for both the wash and rinse tanks for the same time.

Q: You talked a lot about ferrous metal protection, but could I clean nonferrous parts in the same process?

A: Yes, but make sure that you talk to your chemical provider first. If you must run both ferrous and nonferrous parts in the same process, you will need to make sure that the alkalinity of the product is not to high that nonferrous metals will be darkened.