Combination Products Series – Part 2

“Cleaning and corrosion protection of aluminum substrates.
– Phil Tomasello

Q: Can I use “Combination Chemistry” on multiple metals?

A: Yes. KYZEN is a true manufacturer of Aqueous and solvent chemistries, and our combination products for aqueous are targeted for specific soils, specific substrates, and applications in specific machines. So, once we identify what those metals, soils, or machines are, we can make sure we fit you with the best chemistry so you can get the outcomes you need.

Q: Why is using a “Combination Chemistry” Important?

A: It simplifies your process, reduces redundancy, increases bath life, and saves a lot of time for your team attempting to capture what your RP tank is holding from a concentration standpoint.

Q: Why haven’t I seen many “Combination Chemistries” on the market?

A: There are not a lot of chemistry manufacturers that are producing combination chemistries. KYZEN is proud to be one of those manufacturers.

Q: How can I determine if a “Combination Chemistry” suits my application?

A: Have a conversation with your chemistry professional. Discuss the soils, substrates, machinery, cleanliness expectations, level of RP needed, etc. Usually, after a 20-minute conversation, we can establish some cleaning guidelines that will help you.