Combination Products Series – Part 3

– Stephen Griffith

Q: Are all combination products multi-metal safe? 

A: No. Although many are, some chemistries are used for tougher cleaning applications on alloys such as steel and Inconel, while others are used for softer metals such as brass and copper.

Q: Is the Corrosion protection short-term?

A: The amount of protection is associated with time, chemistry concentration, and storage environment. Longer processing time and higher concentration time give longer protection. The storage environment will affect the length of CP effectiveness.

Q: Can Combo products be used in the wash and rinse cycles?

A: Yes. Combination products can be used in the rinse cycle at a low concentration to add more CP protection.

Q: Do combination products have measurable CP? Can that determine the length of protection?

A: They Should. Combo products should have a measurable amount of CP built into the chemistries. Without being measurable, the determination of the length of protection is going to be inaccurate.

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