Corrosion Protection – Which One Is Right for You?

Wet or dry?
–Ethan Mueller

Read the condensed Q&A below and watch our full 10-minute presentation video for in-depth advice from one of our techs:

Can I measure my coating?
Yes, you can measure your coating. We generally talk about that in terms of concentration. For example, you’re at 5% concentration or 50% concentration maybe add a little more coating. You can certainly weigh that for whatever your quality control spec might be. Essentially what you do is you would take the clean part, weigh it, process it, weigh it again, and figure out your coating from that.

How do I avoid having a white haze when applying one of your METALNOX products?
That’s a good question. If you’re not seeing any corrosion issues, then you can dial back the concentration on your METALNOX product. It will reduce the appearance of that coating. However, if you’re having corrosion issues, I would encourage you to not do that. If you really can’t live with that haze then maybe look into a different product.

Can I apply a product in a spray application?
Yes, you can. A lot of these products are designed to be used in either a spray application or an immersion application. That is definitely a possibility, just make sure that the product is right for that application.

What if I only need CP for a few months out of the year?
Like I was saying in the presentation, a lot of times the CP or RP processes are set up in the washer where you add your wash stage and then your rinse stage. Often times, that RP or CP is applied in the rinse stage or it’s in a tank following the washer. In either case, simply change out your rinse to water and stop adding the RP.