Corrosion/Rust Protection

“Tips for your parts cleaning process.”
– Eric Bromley

Q: Once the CP is added to the parts, will it affect further processes?

A: Generally, No. It does not affect anything, such as equipment issues or further machining or processes to the parts. If you are checking the parts for size and you are using sensitive micrometers, sometimes the CP, depending on the percentage it’s on, can throw it off a little bit, but very rarely does this occur.

Q: Can I apply a CP when cleaning dissimilar metals in the same bath?

A: Yes you can. The CP will protect everything (ferrous and non-ferrous parts). It won’t affect the figment or color of any of the parts.

Q: Is there an easy method to remove rust once it appears on the surface?

A: There are multiple methods; the aqueous dip process works best. You would have to use an acid that removes the rust, so depending on what type of steel or metal you have as a substrate, it would determine what you use, but it can be done. If it is heavy enough, you may want to use a tumble, but usually, it can be removed through an acid process.