Durability vs. Reliability (A Purpose-Driven Cleaning Process)

Can you have both?
–Scott Cain

Q: How does one do the testing discussed, especially the NVR?
A: We have two ways to do this. The first is to have a group of 6 bottles sent over when new chemistry is installed in the machine. What we would like to happen is to take samples of the chemistry in the machine every 2 weeks or 50 pump hours. Once this time has been completed, send all the bottles to our lab in Nashville, Tennessee. At that point, our lab will determine all the information discussed for all the samples and see what is happening to the material in your specific application. The second thing we will ask is for a sample to be pulled at the point the cleaning starts to not be as effective. We can then glean what the NVR is and use this as the standard time of replacement going forward, bringing it back approx. 10% to protect the envelope of useful chemistry.
Q: Can these tests be done at the customer location?
A: The concentration is obviously able to be done at your location and the surface tension can easily be done with marking tools that are available. NVR is done with an HE53 machine which is widely available. This will allow your team to do this test at your facility in about an hour.
Q: Are there are any suggestions for keeping the concentration at the correct level?
A: Easily one of my favorite machines that we offer is called the PCS. This is a wonderful tool that allows the process to run virtually hands off. It will add chemistry or water as needed to keep the concentration within the parameters that meet your demands. Additionally, this will document all the readings in the past so if your customer has questions about boards built in the past this provides a much better record for their request or for auditing issues. If there is a desire to learn more about this please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of the KYZEN team.