EAC Cleaning in an Inline Washer

Fine-tuning your process.
–Fernando Rueda

Do I really need to have a pre-wash section in my inline washer?
You do not need to have a pre-wash, but it is a great complement to have. The pre-wash is designed to soften the flux. The lower pressures and nozzle design allow for the fluid to remain on the assembly which increases its temperature and softens the residue which makes it easier to clean in the wash section.

Why do I need to angle the last spray manifold in the wash section?
You need to do it to minimize or eliminate the dragout (splashing) into the chemical isolation section. This will significantly reduce your chemistry consumption.

How many spray manifolds can I have in my wash section?
The number of spray manifolds will depend on the characteristics of your machine.  Pump power and flow is one of the things to consider but your equipment supplier can work with you to determine the equipment capabilities and upgrade options.

How do I determined the bath life of the chemistry?
We recommend NVR (non-volatile residue) testing to determine the level of saturation of your product. As I mentioned before, the amount of residue introduced in your bath is one of the major factors, not color or floating particles/matter.

You mentioned automatic concentration measurement, how reliable is this method?
Automatic concentration measurement is definitely very reliable and more efficient than manual measurements. These devices, like the KYZEN ANALYST, measure concentration and temperature and maintain a log with date and time. You also have devices, like the KYZEN PCS, that not only measure but have control capabilities to add water or chemistry to maintain the concentration at the proper levels.