3M Novec Replacement – Part 1

Future Proof Your Solvent Cleaning Process.
–Joe McChesney

Q: Will the new replacement solvents work in my existing degreaser?

A: Typically, if you have a late-model degreaser, the new replacement solvents will drop in. Just make sure the machine is empty of all old solvents, reset the thermostat and controls, and you should be prepared for the change in a few hours.

Q: What is the best method to ensure that any replacement solvent will provide the same cleaning results in my existing degreaser?

A: Test, Test, Test! Most companies will provide these testing services free of charge, and you can take your substrates and soils and clean them with the new solvents to verify the results.

Q: Can I use Modified Alcohol or Hydrocarbon solvents in my open-top degreaser?

A: No, they are not designed to be used in an open-top degreaser, only in a new modern vacuum degreasing system.

Q: How can I know my new solvents will be available for the long term?

A: No one can predict what the EPA or OSHA will enforce. We do know that these new solvents contain materials that will allow you to clean for the long-term future.