How Are You Managing Acid in Your Vacuum Degreaser?

The answer will save your machine.
–Scott Cain

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Q: How often should the ASK test be done?
A: At the beginning of the process approval, it’s advised to do the test at least once a week for the first three months. After an approval, and a better understanding of the process, it can be done once every other week. This of course is dependent on the application and any changes regarding the number of parts being cleaner, materials being introduced into the application, or the actual parts being cleaned.
Q: Are there any specific items to take into consideration when adding a booster?
A: Vacuum degreasers work utilizing a tight vacuum and any place where the machine is not completely sealed will create an issue and a probable loss of solvent and issues with cleaning. That being said, after the booster has been added, it is imperative that all seals, gaskets, and covers are replaced and confirmed to be tight and in the correct place.
Q: What should happen if oxidation has formed on the machine, including the solvent chamber walls/surfaces, piping, or the components themselves?
A: The machine should be shut down as soon as possible and serviced. The oxidated residue may contain acidic content that could damage the parts if the contact is sustained long enough. Many of the chemistry and machine companies have a longer procedure for when this happens to minimize the damage and clean the oxidation and prepare the surface so it’s unlikely to return.