How Temperature Affects Your Parts Cleaning Process

What you need to know.
–Shawn Varney

Q: Once the parts have been damaged due to heat, can they be reversed?
A: The short answer is no. Once a part has been warped, discolored, or oxidized, it would take more time and money to fix the part than to throw it out and start new.
Q: Does foaming of the chemistry render it unusable?
A: This is a two-part answer: It will not if the chemistry was only foaming for a short period of time and was foaming inside the tank itself. However, if it has foamed over the tank walls onto the floor for an extended period, it is unusable. You have lost some components of the chemistry and should replace the bath.
Q: Will overheating the chemistry render it unusable?
A: This is also a two-part answer: If the machine is alarmed due to overtemperature, it will usually shut off with no harm coming to the chemistry. However, if the temperature has been overheating for a prolonged period of time then it would be considered unusable.
Q: Is there off-site testing that can be done so there is no downtime at the facility?
A: Yes, partner with your machine or chemistry manufacturer as they have access to the same or alike equipment and can do in-house testing. You can always ask for on-site help with testing after production run hours or on weekends.