Is Vacuum Degreasing Right for Your Parts?

Tune in to find out.
–Chelsea Jewell

Are there any part material compatibility concerns with this process?
When it comes to different metals, the process is able to clean pretty much any of them. When it comes to elastomers, polymers, or other materials, we recommend testing first. But overall, it has a really broad range of compatibility options.

Can a single system process both ferrous and non-ferrous parts?
Oh, that’s a good question. Absolutely. You will see this very commonly in the field that there’s a separate CP tank or corrosion preventative that you can put in there. So, when you’re running those two types of parts, you would just need a parameter, or a recipe set up for your nonferrous that wouldn’t have the CP and then a separate process for your ferrous materials. That would use that CP tank and be able to keep them from corroding.

What is a typical cleaning cycle length for this process?
Wash, rinse, and dry. Systems are normally in a ten-minute range. It depends on the level of soil and the number of parts. I would say ten minutes average but most of the time it’s much shorter than that.