Maintenance Series: Descaling

What is the best method?
–Charlie Pitarys

Q: How often do I need to descale my machine?
A: A lot depends on the water quality. If you’re using DI water, maybe do this once every other year. If you’re using water supplied by groundwater wells, depending on where you are located, the local water supply can be very “hard” (alkaline) and contain high levels of mineral content.
Q: Is there a way to prevent or minimize scale?
A: Yes, a Deionized water system or Reverse Osmosis system should be sourced, large enough for both wash and rinse stages. Also, at minimum, use a water softener. However, do not use a salt remedy water softener. There are new saltless systems now available.
Q: How do I dispose of the used descale solution?
A: The used solution can usually co-mingle with your spent wash soap solutions. The spent citric acid formula used for descaling may also be beneficial to reduce the ph of your alkaline soap.
Q: Is there a written procedure that I can follow?
A: Yes. We can provide you with generic procedures in a Technical Brief. Please contact KYZEN.