Maintenance Series: Wave Solder

Best practices for long-term success.
–Octavio Paredes

Q: What is the cleaning time of a chain?
A: It depends on how dirty the chain is and what technology is used. If done manually, it can take up to a couple of days. If you have a washing machine and a cleaning agent, a range of 1 to 4 hours, the time required to clean will be less if they are washed on a regular basis.
Q: How often should maintenance be done?
A: There is no defined time to do maintenance because each process has different characteristics. It all depends on the number of hours your equipment works as well as the conditions in which they are working.
Q: If a wave solder that was working correctly begins to show variability, what do you recommend doing?
A: If your wave solder was working correctly, something must have changed in your process. Before making a change in the dosage, temperatures, etc., it is recommended to check that the different sections are in good condition. By making an adjustment to the parameters without having carried out an inspection, you can solve the problem at that moment, but it will generate a lack of control and a greater problem in the short or medium term.