Matching Your Soil to Your Cleaner

The most important step in any process
–Shawn Varney

Q: How do I know I picked the best cleaner?
A: Test, Test, Test! Cleanliness testing is the best way (Ex. Rose, SIR, NVR). The best test for the board is SIR in combination with watching NVR for the bath life.
Q: Is my cleaning solution safe?
A: There are Safety Data Sheets for all products, and we are willing to help with any restrictions/concerns you may have. Look into national and local codes for any restrictions you may be worried about.
Q: Does this chemical work in my machine?
A: Partner with equipment and chemistry suppliers to check compatibility with the machine’s material, like SS or Polypro, to use updated seals.
Q: Is there any way to do testing without taking down production?
A: Yes, partner with your chemistry supplier for testing. KYZEN does in-house testing in Nashville, TN so your production line isn’t affected.
Q: Why can’t I clean with water?
A: It will not clean 100%. It may clean off particles but not under your parts. Cleaning only with water may result in premature failure and poor quality.