Overcoming Cleaning Challenges in AI Applications

“Overcoming cleaning challenges in AI applications.”
– Scott Cain

Q: Why is cleaning for these applications important?

A: A device using AI advanced packaging is expected to be reliable over a long time and in a variety of conditions. This means there needs to be no ECM through flux residues, clean surfaces allow proper thermal management, and a higher output during production.

Q: What constitutes a clean AI Package?

A: Customers can implement a multitude of testing procedures to meet their exacting standards. No industry-agreed-upon specifics exist, as this is very customer-dependent. If you want to learn more about the testing options, please reach out to your KYZEN representative.

Q: What about CoW applications?

A: Due to the time restrictions of these presentations, we couldn’t discuss the CoW applications and our team would be happy to have a conversation about this should this be more of your interest. Additionally, subscribe to get these into your inbox and you might see that presentation in the future.