Process Control & Optimization Series: Analyst

See your cleaning process parameters from anywhere.
–Fernando Rueda

Q: Do I have to change my chemistry to use the ANALYST?
A: You don’t have to change chemistry. The ANALYST makes the transition to automation easy by maximizing the performance of all chemical brands, not just a few.

Q: Are you able to install the ANALYST in any cleaning equipment?
A: KYZEN ANALYST integrates with all type of cleaning machines.

Q: How often does the ANALYST take a measurement?
A: It takes 32 samples per second for every reading.

Q: What kind of reporting am I able to generate from the data collected by the ANALYST?
A: The ANALYST allows you access a wide variety of reporting and info graphic formats, as well as the opportunity to create your own.

Q: Does the temperature of the solution matter?
A: Yes, fluid temperature affects virtually all concentration measurement techniques. However, the ANALYST has 4 times better temperature resolution for ideal measurements over a wider temperature range.