Process Control & Optimization Series: Conductivity Control System

Is it right for your cleaning process?
–Kevin Buckner

Q: Will the CCS add water as well as chemistry to balance my wash solution mixture?
A: No, it will not, as it only manages the chemistry input to your system. The PCS is a full management system controlling water and chemistry to a set concentration.
Q: How difficult is the sensor to install into my existing system?
A: Typically, it is easy as the sensor can be placed in a tee which is installed or worst-case scenario, it can be placed into a tank, but a pressure line tee would be best.
Q: Can I or do I get a low-level warning when my chemistry drum is empty?
A: You can. We offer both standard visual indication and electronic indication with a 55-gallon level drumstick.
Q: What set up do I need to do once the equipment arrives?
A: Quite simple in most cases, install the sensor install a few chemical addition lines into the tank and the assemble a tank stand. That’s it. Typical installation takes about an hour.