Process Control & Optimization Series: Kapture Every Drop

Because every drop counts.
–Joe McChesney

Q: Will this unit work on any brand degreaser?
A: The basic answer is yes. This system is designed to connect to most popular brand open-top degreasers on the market today. For older generation degreasers, some minor modifications may be required. It is not designed to work with vacuum degreasers.
Q: Will this system work with a variety solvents?
A: This system is designed to function with most commonly used degreasing solvents from low to medium boiling temperatures. It is not designed for use with flammables or some solvents that may easily chemically decompose.
Q: What size degreaser is the KAPTURE best suited for?
A: The system is best suited for open-top degreasers that contain 50 gallons or less. If the degreaser holds a substantial volume of solvent, a larger size system will be required.
Q: What is the average solvent recycle/turn-over rate per hour?
A: The average solvent recycle rate is 1.5 gph nominal. The recycle rate will decrease as the solvent soil loading increases.
Q: What utilities are required to operate this system?
A: No cooling water is required. Electrical supply at 120 VAC @ 20 amp rating is required. Compressed air supply at 50 psi nominal is required for the transfer pump.