Process Control & Optimization Series: Semi-Manual Processes

How does it work best for your process?
–Luis Gazcon

Q: Why does the controller need to be adjusted to a lower concentration than the recommended for the process once the cleaning process is operating normally?
A: Like we mentioned before, depending on the different factors involved in your specific cleaning process, chemical and water will be consumed at different rates. For starters, water has a boiling point of 100°C but we might not heat the solution that high. Usually, it is up to 60°C, but it is enough to increase the evaporation rate of the water present in the solution. We lose most of the water from the process through that. The chemical has a much higher boiling point so less components of the chemical are being lost. Usually, we lose more chemical through drag gout than we do through evaporation or the exhaust. Therefore, we would have to replace more quantity of water than chemical. This is why we initially set the controller to half the desired concentration than we want to keep in the process. Once it is fine tuned to your specific process factors, the set point might be higher or lower than that reference, but it is a good baseline to start.
Q: What cost reduction would I expect from a Semi-Manual Process?
A: This is an interesting question. Compared to a 100% manual application you could expect to see reduction of hidden expenses. For example, the use of extra chemicals in your process due to chemical mishandling of the operator. The fact that your process will be kept more stable under the recommended operational concentration range will impact your cleaning quality, reducing defect or failures of your devices, or unwanted rework of our product. You will also reduce the contact that the employee will have with the chemical directly, which will impact the safety risk primes of your insurances.
Q: Can we get training and support on how to set up this type of control process?
A: This is something that we as a company offer by the simple fact of you being our customer. We make sure to support you through the install and configuration of the equipment required, as well as train your operators and engineering team on how to fully control and optimize your process. Making you successful is our priority.