Remanufacturing Cleaning of Steel Parts

What might be the pitfalls?
Eric Bromley

Read the condensed Q&A below and watch our full 10-minute presentation video for in-depth advice from one of our techs:

You mentioned the importance of keeping the rinse clean, can you explain why this is important?
You’re only as clean as your last tank or your last rinse so in these reman applications, there’s a lot of soils in the wash tank and they do build up relatively quickly depending on what you’re cleaning. It can’t help but have some of that get carried over into your rinse tank either cupped in the parts or puddled or dripping off the parts, it happens so it’s very important that you keep that rinse water as pure as possible so you can get a good clean rinse and the parts can come out. It’s very important that the parts be clean especially if you are powder coating or painting,  you don’t want any spots or flash rust as I mentioned before. The rinse is almost as important as the wash itself.

I don’t want to use a chemistry with added corrosion protection for my wash process. Are there chemistries I can put into my rinse tank by itself for this instead?
There are. KYZEN has a nice line of added corrosion protections or RPs as we call them that can be added at low concentration in rinse tanks. They are just for that purpose so that you wash and you can either rinse in pure water with the RP in it or in some cases have a separate tank that has the rinse with RP added to it so you can have a choice you either rinse parts like aluminum parts or parts that don’t require RP in rinse only tank, but you can clean and rinse the parts with the RP for steel or cast or ferrous parts and it gives you some really good protection.

You mentioned filtration a couple of times, can you explain why this is so important to my cleaning process?
Many cleaning machines when they are delivered will have a multiple stage filtration with them. Some have coalescers built onto them and that could be oil skimming wheel or the belt or the coalescers that have the quite tank with the chemistry goes in and table to separate to get the oil out. This is very important to get it away from your parts and not only does it keep your parts clean it also lengthens the life of wash bath by having one of these filtration systems. I don’t think it possible to have too much filtration on some of these applications so don’t ever think you don’t have enough filtration, its very key.