Sistema de Control de Proceso

“Introduccíon al control autonomo.”
– Fernando Gazcon

Q: Can I use a PCS for a batch-style cleaner?
A: Yes. A Batch cleaner has 12-20 gallon tanks, and Inline cleaners have 60-100 gallon
tanks. It is much simpler to figure out how much chemistry and water you need to add to a
12-20-gallon tank. You would be much better off on a batch machine using a monitoring

Q: How do I access all the data recorded in the PCS?

A: The PCS is a USB Interface. All of the data can be downloaded onto a USB drive.

Q: Can the PCS remotely protect my process even when I am not in the plant to
correct the immediate issue?

A: Yes. The PCS can alert your smartphone with any updates.

Q: Why would I choose the PCS vs other control or monitoring systems you offer?

A: It all depends on your level of traceability. If you are conducting military/aerospace
work, you will need a lot more data than is given to you from a simple monitoring device.
When it comes to high-reliability production-type boards, the PCS gives you that
traceability you can use to defend your product.