SMT Stencil Cleaning Series: Compatibility & Nano-Coatings

How to clean and protect your investment.
–Chelsea Jewell

Are nano-coatings compatible with an understencil wipe process?
Yes. Typically in your understencil wipe process, the nano-coatings on the surface of the stencil that the squeegee comes across, the understencil will have a little exposure through the apertures. We’ve done significant testing to prove that these are compatible. If you have a specific combination in mind, please feel reach out to us.

How do I know when a nano-coating has been affected?
There is two-part answer to this. With a wipe-on coating, we recommend the dyne test for that and after you clean the stencil you can go ahead and run that dyne solution across. It’s a pretty go or no go test. With cured-on coating, your visual indication the surface tension test is also great for that as well.

How often should I check to see if my nano-coating is holding up?
For the wipe-on, initially when you’re first starting up a process, I would recommend testing after you cycle each cleaning cycle just to make sure. Once you’ve got a good feel for how long that coating is going to last, you check it periodically after that. For the cured-on coatings, I would say you check initially through visual changes but overall they hold up really well.

Without testing a lot of products, how do I know which cleaning chemistry works best for my stencil and process?
Reach out to us and we can talk to you about what you’re looking at as far as the process goes. You already have a stencil cleaning process in place we can help target what product will work for whatever nano-coating that you’re interested in. If you have a specific one in mind feel free to reach out.