Stencil Cleaning Series – Part 2

“How to optimize your printer.”
– Jody Saultz

Q: How can you save money by using more expensive paper?

A: More expensive paper saturates that solvents differently. It also holds the paste in the pocketed areas a lot better.

Q: Are default settings process parameter recommendations from the manufacturer?

A: They are made to change. You will save a lot of money if you spend some time optimizing your settings.

Q: Why is board support important?

A: If you have no support, the stencil can sag in the middle and not fill the apertures up. Make sure you test and that there is no gap between the stencil, and you will achieve better results.

Q: Can a bent squeegee blade affect printing?

A: Absolutely. If you have a bent squeegee, you are most likely not pressing down on the blade of the stencil like you need to, which will cause printing issues.