Stencil Cleaning Series – Part 3

“IPA vs. Engineered Solvent.”
– Jody Saultz

Q: Why does it matter that IPA is flammable?

A: Machines are not built to be explosion-proof. It takes one loose connection at the right time and place to get that itemized fluid to the paper, and the next thing you know you have a fire.

Q: IPA is cheap, so why use a more expensive chemistry?

A: You can find IPA for $20/gallon or less. Even if your chemistry is double that price, you can save on paper, throughput, and downtime due to issues.

Q: How can I know if my stencil is clean when testing IPA vs. engineered chemistry?

A: Use SPI, it does not lie and tells you the defects. Print until you start seeing these defects on SPI. It will most likely happen between two to three prints with alcohol, and in some cases, using an engineered chemistry, you can double that, depending on your product, stencil, and aperture size.