Summertime Corrosion: Aluminum

How to prevent deteriorating metals.
–Will Sweet

Q: How long does it take to remove rust from aluminum?
A: Typically, a little longer than normal wash processes. 20-30 minutes in an immersion or soak process with a high concentration of a citric acid product wouldn’t be surprising. However, it is important to make sure that ALL rust is removed. So, the first time you de-rust in an aqueous application will be more of a “guess and check”. The time will depend on many variables including amount of rust, type of part, part geometry, etc.
Q: Why do steel CPs not protect aluminum?
A: Steel corrosion protectors tend to have relatively high levels of alkalinity. High alkaline materials eat away aluminum, so it becomes a compatibility issue.
Q: How long will a sealed bag or paper keep my parts from corroding?
A: Short answer: indefinitely if done correctly. If the parts are properly sealed and there is no pre-existing corrosion, there will be no way for oxygen or moisture to reach the parts to start the corrosion process.