The Five Forces of Cleaning: No Matter What You Clean

A multi-segment bonus that answers the question “how do I get to clean?” no matter the industry.
–Sherry Stepp

Do you suggest heating my rinse water?

Heat almost always helps. If you have access to heated rinse, then it definitely helps to solubilize everything and to get the rest of the soap and dirt completely off the part.

Is one of these cleaning forces more important than the other?
Of course, the chemistry! That’s obviously the most important one however just like my example of the team, its going to take all of them. You have to understand how each one of them works together. The mechanical energy, the temperature and the time and the concentration, everything comes together in the end to get you in the clean place.

Is there a particular mechanical energy that is better than the other?
I wouldn’t say one is better than the other in general, of course, no mechanical energy is typically not a great thing. However, you should consider what you’re cleaning. If you’re cleaning a really delicate part and you don’t want a heavy spray, then you might want to go with an ultrasonic system. If you’re cleaning off baked on soils like hardened flux, then you’re going to need something more aggressive so you might want to consider like a spray-in-air system. Again, if you have soils that are like in deep crevices or blind holes, then spray under immersion might be better. So, there’s not necessarily one better than the other, it’s just the one that’s right fit for you.