Understanding SDS’s – Part 2

Classifying Chemicals Under GHS
–Carolyn Leary

Tune into the session here: https://youtu.be/z1pZNL7fZec

Q: With GHS, are SDS’s for the same product the same in every country?
A: Unfortunately, that’s not guaranteed. Because GHS is just a guideline, countries may incorporate different revisions into their national hazard communication program. Also, countries may include lists of chemicals they consider hazardous.
Q: Does the classification of a product ever change?
A: It can. As research moves forward, chemicals can become reclassified. That could result in a change to its GHS hazards and its SDS.
Q: Some of the pictograms look like the placards used in transportation. Are they the same?
A: It’s true that some look the same, but GHS only applies to chemicals. The transportation placards may also apply to articles or “things” such as batteries. Also, chemicals that have a pictogram do not necessarily have a similar transportation symbol.