Understanding SDSs – Part 3

A closer look at sections 1-3.
–Carolyn Leary

Tune into the session here: https://youtu.be/z1pZNL7fZec

Q: Does the company listed in Section 1 manufacture the chemical?
A: Not necessarily. The company listed may also be the Supplier or Distributor that is offering the product to the market.
Q: Does Section 3 tell me all the components of the product?
A: If the SDS is for a single chemical, then the SDS must list it. If the SDS is for a mixture, only hazardous chemicals contained in the product above GHS-established cut-off concentrations need to be listed. There are also circumstances where a manufacturer may be able to withhold the specific chemical name as a Trade Secret.
Q: With GHS, are SDS’s for the same product the same in every country?
A: No, each country chooses which version of the GHS guidelines to include in their hazard communications program. They may include additional lists of chemicals that they considered hazardous but are not classified as such under GHS. Therefore, it is important to get the SDS for the country of use.