Understanding SDSs Part 4

Digging in to Sections 4-9
–Carolyn Leary

Q: Why doesn’t the SDS give all the physical properties if they are listed?
A: The GHS guideline requires a minimum number of properties to be listed, but not all information can be reported for every section. In some cases, the property doesn’t apply and a statement to that effect can be made (“Not Applicable”). If the supplier doesn’t know the value, they may say “Not Determined”.
Q: Why are some SDS’s so much longer than others?
A: The guidelines are the MINIMUM requirements. Suppliers/ Manufacturers are welcome to offer additional information they feel is important to the user.
Q: With GHS, are SDS’s for the same product the same in every country?
A: Not necessarily. Each country has its own Hazard Communications laws and may choose to include specific revisions of the GHS guideline or add additional lists of chemicals that they consider hazardous. This is one reason why getting the SDS for the country where the product will be used is important.