Understanding SDS’s

What it tells you and where to find it.
–Carolyn Leary

Read the condensed Q&A below and watch our full 10-minute presentation video for in-depth advice from one of our techs:

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Q: With GHS, are SDS’s for the same product the same in every country?
A: Not necessarily. Each country establishes its own hazard communications legislation and defines to what revision they will implement GHS. Also, there may be country-specific exposure limits, substance inventories/lists, and environmental regulations. Therefore, it is important to get the SDS authored for the country of use.
Q: In what language should SDS’s be written?
A: At a minimum, an SDS must be written in the official language of the country where the product is being shipped to or used. Some countries may have more than one official language. Also, some businesses may have their headquarters in another country and may request a copy in that country’s language.
Q: Does the classification of a product ever change?
A: It most definitely can! As more and more research is performed on the impact of specific chemicals on human health or the environment, classifications can and do change. This is why it is important to obtain the most current revision of an SDS.