Using a Humidity Chamber for Corrosion Testing

A look at the benefits of accelerated testing.
–Ethan Mueller

Q: How do I calculate the amount of time I can store parts based on results of humidity chamber?
A: The chamber, unless specified, is typically set to 90% humidity and 90F. These conditions are similar to a tropical climate and some of the worst conditions for metal parts. Generally, we consider 1 day in the chamber to be 9 days in the field.
Q: What is the largest part we can do a study on?
A: The largest part KYZEN can do is approximately 18 x 18. However, there are larger chambers out there if you’re interested in testing a larger part.
Q: How long should I put my parts in the chamber?
A: If you know how long you are looking to protect your parts, you can simply divide that by 9 for the amount of time the part should be in the chamber.