Vapor Degreasing Series – Part 1

What to know about PFAS.
–Ram Wissel

Q: How can I check if the material I use contains a PFAS?
A: Section 3 of the SDS will list certain chemical CAS numbers, which you can look up online. However, the best way is to contact the supplier of the chemical.
Q: Is it possible to remove PFAS materials from drinking water?
A: Yes. Filters containing activated carbon or reverse osmosis can effectively remove PFAS from drinking.
Q: Are all chemicals that contain Fluorine a PFAS?
A: No. PFAS materials have specific, very stable, structures which make them “Forever Chemicals.”
Q: Is the Fluoride in my toothpaste, OK?
A: Yes. Fluoride in toothpaste is inorganic (not carbon bonded), therefore it has very different properties than a PFAS.