Vapor Degreasing Series – Part 2

What are your options?
–Phil Tomasello

Q: How can I ensure that a solvent is in environmental regulatory compliance?
A: First, consult the SDS Data for the solvent, then reach out to your trusted EPA, OSHA consultant to ensure all contents will comply with applicable laws.
Q: Will solvent cleaning be phased out?
A: Generally, the answer is no. However, solvent chemistry will certainly change in response to future EPA guidelines. The change in future chemistry will dictate how future solvent cleaning is performed.
Q: How often should I monitor my vapor degreasing process?
A: Many solvents available for vapor degreasing are very stable. However, additional solvent will need to be added on occasion for make-up. In general, a monthly analysis of solvent from the vapor degreaser to test for ph (acidity) and moisture content is recommended.
Q: Are there efficient ways to clean my vapor degreasing machine?
A: Yes. In-Line solvent recycling/waste separation systems are available and are very effective in continuously removing contaminants from the boil chamber to ensure solvent purity. These systems also reduce maintenance cycles and lower operational costs by reducing waste disposal/extend solvent bath life.