Vapor Degreasing Series – Part 3

Green Solutions for your vapor degreaser.
–Jason Schwartz

Q: Are there non-halogenated solvents that are sustainable alternatives?
A: The answer to this is yes. It’s a little complicated because there are no good alternatives to traditional vapor decreasing. That’s why we are so confident about the HFO option. If you want a truly non-halogen solvent, that means no chlorine, no bromine, no iodine, and no flooring. You’re going to have to go to a vacuum vapor decreasing option. So, the vacuum systems are nice. We think they’re also sustainable, but they require a little bit more investment upfront on the equipment.
Q: Can I switch to an aqueous process?
A: Again, the short answer is yes, absolutely. The two biggest things to look out for are metal compatibility and drying. Solvents tend to have better metal compatibility than aqueous processes, and they dry much faster. So you have to balance those two things with your particular needs
Q: Are there other trans-blends that are sustainable?
A: Short answer is not yet. There’s a lot of R&D going on in this space to find some replacements for those flame retardants. There are some rumblings that there might be something out there, but nothing has been proven yet.