Vapor Degreasing Series – Part 6

System Maintenance and Control.
–Ethan Mueller

Q: Do low boiling point solvents have difficulty staying in a machine?

A: No. They do a great job with new equipment that is set up properly with the right secondary coils, lid, and hoist.

Q: What does it mean if my vapor zone turns cloudy?

A: Typically, you have excess water, which causes a cloudy appearance. What you should do is look to empty your water separator and remove that water from the system.

Q: Why would I need external distillation? Isn’t the process distilling my solvent?

A: Yes, the process is distilling your solvent, however, it is not distilling the contaminant that comes in with your parts. The external distillation process will take the contaminant out of the system and return solvent back into the system.

Q: Why is my solvent becoming darker in color?

A: These are the contaminants that are coming in. If you have oil or grease that is solubilized in the solvent, the solvent is just taking on that color. Again, if you get to a certain point, you will either need to dump and recharge, or your external distillation process should be doing a great job keeping your solvent clear.