Ventilation: Keep Your Cleaner in the Tank

Air knives, ventilation, and nozzle direction
–Jody Saultz

Q: How does a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) work?
A: VFD basically controls the speed of the blower, so when the machine is sitting idle the blower is slowed down to a minimum. This means most of the vapors from the wash tank stay in the machine and go up the ventilation system.
Q: Are there specs for ventilation?
A: The equipment manufacturer should supply the specs for materials and cfm for the machine.
Q: Does a demister save on chemistry?
A: You can expect to save about a 55-gallon drum of chemistry a year when a machine ventilation system is set up properly when using a demister.
Q: Does the nozzle size on the spray bar impact chemistry loss?
A: Yes, high-pressure low-flow nozzles have a smaller droplet size, which is easier to go up the exhaust than a larger droplet size nozzle.