KYZEN’s Atmospheric Control Chamber creates tightly controlled, programmable hot/cold and humid atmospheres that may induce corrosion, rust and/or failure for clean parts for any end-use. KYZEN offers this testing in response to the growing concern among industries about accelerated environmental, reliability and corrosion issues.
Testing protocols are available for fabricated, turned or stamped metal parts as well as electronic assemblies. During testing, each metal part is checked for rust or corrosion, and electronic circuit boards are checked for failures related to moisture and extreme conditions. KYZEN’s Atmospheric Control Chamber also determines conformal coating defects that can result in unacceptable field failures.

Contact your KYZEN cleaning expert to discuss a testing protocol to fit your specific needs.

NOTE: For the Metal Finishing industry, KYZEN offers corrosion inhibitors that are thoroughly tested for long-term protection so you have peace of mind. Having issues with corrosion at your facility? Contact us today.