In 1990, two smart entrepreneurs became friends and then business partners and the world of environmentally responsible cleaning technologies hasn’t been the same since. Dr. Mike Bixenman and Kyle Doyel were both involved in solvent-based solutions, but for very different and distinct industrial manufacturing applications.

They discussed their goals, desires and industry observations and quickly discovered a common awareness around the growing demand for environmentally responsible solutions. Though diverse in their areas of specialty, styles and personalities, they discovered a profound common vision. They didn’t just want to start a business, they wanted to create a special, caring, FUN environment where their team, employees, partners and customers felt valued.

And, so together Doyel and Bixenman founded KYZEN. KYZEN’s mission was to be a place where science and care converge. The name was chosen for its Japanese root word — “kaizen” — which means change for the better, or continual improvement and innovation.

In the past 30 years, KYZEN has proven over and over that scientific excellence and innovative solutions can be achieved by caring and persistently curious people. “Scientific excellence is important, but it is not enough all by itself! Mike and I believe placing great value in our people all while having fun is what makes the difference in our industry and in people’s lives.” says Doyel. This really is where science and care converge – and that makes all the difference.

Now, KYZEN is celebrating three decades and a global success story as leader in creating environmentally responsible cleaning solutions and innovations for electronics assembly, metal finishing and advanced packaging.

This growth is the direct result of its unique culture and approach to the convergence of science and care. KYZEN uniquely understands the risks, takes on the big commitments and delivers with high-energy people, scientific excellence and the resources needed, all while MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of people.