Cleaning processes can go astray with even the closest of monitoring.  Process condition remedies by “Tank Conditioning” or improving the wash tank solution is, in many cases required due to extremes in soil loading, quality of water and the requirement to exposes sensitive or intricate components to the flux cleaning wash process. Optimizing the wash process as a result of these extreme conditions requires sump side additions of specialty chemical solutions to the recirculating wash or rinse tanks.

A common scenario is a high foam condition caused by flux loading or water soluble masks.  A simple calculated sump side add of a special de-foaming agent can quickly reduce or eliminate the foam and allow for continued production.

Several factors such as pH, oxygen entrained in the solution due to spray in air applications and the velocity of the cleaning agent applied can lead to dulling or etching of solder joints and potentially harm other non-ferrous metals present on the PCB.

Ultrasonic boosters are used to enhance cavitation of the energy forces applied. Ultrasonic wash solution boosters are specialty blends of surfactants chosen for the enhancement of performance in aqueous cleaners. Reduction in surface tension and increased wettability onto the parts surface are the results.

After weeks and months of cleaning flux the soils removed from the PCB can accumulate in the wash tank, build up on the tanks heaters and migrate throughout the cleaning tool. A scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) clean out of the system is accomplished by using a descaling agent.

The KYZEN® family of products has solutions to remedy these unforgiving and potentially harmful conditions.

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