Ultrasonic stencil cleaning is one of the preferred methods for removing trace levels of solder paste from stencil openings. Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning equipment manufacturers offer numerous feature options, ranging from manual insertion all the way to total automation.

The selection of the cleaning agent is a critical factor. The cleaning agent should be odorless, clear (when diluted), compatible with stencil and equipment hardware and effective at removing the soil.

The desirable properties of a reliable stencil cleaning agent include:

  • The ability to rapidly dissolve the solder paste flux vehicle
  • Material compatibility with the nano-coating and equipment
  • Non-flammable
  • Low odor
  • Ability to rinse with the cleaning agent
  • Sufficient volatility to rapidly evaporate and dry after  cleaning


Step 1: AQUANOX A8830 cleans solder paste from stencil apertures in ultrasonic cleaning tanks, using a 10% solution at room temperature. The product does not phase separately and requires no mixing before or during use. AQUANOX A8830 has little to no odor with a VOC level of less than 1 gram per liter at use conditions.

Step 2: AQUANOX A8830 rapidly dissolves the flux composition for all solder paste types including water-soluble, rosin and no-clean.

Step 3: Maximum wash cycle time is typically less than 4 minutes.

Step 4: AQUANOX A8830 easily rinses with water, leaving no residue on stencil surfaces. 

The active ingredients in AQUANOX A8830 are not consumed during the solder paste cleaning process and very little chemistry is lost when running at ambient process temperatures. After the initial charge, no additional make-up chemistry is required until the wash bath is changed. For preventative maintenance purposes, a wash bath changing schedule of 1-2 months is recommended or in the case of heavy use, a one month change out is suggested.


AQUANOX A8820 is a highly-reliable Micro-Cell Engineered stencil cleaning agent that partially dissolves in water. The active cleaning agent actually forms a micro-cell when mixed with water. The micro-cell then wets and dissolves the flux, while releasing the solder spheres.

A8820 Wets and Dissolves Organic Soils.  Stencil cleaning equipment designed to agitate the cleaning liquid with ultrasonic energy is highly effective at cleaning stencils. Following the wash process, the stencil is rinsed with a filtered cleaning agent that does not contain alkaline builders and is compatible with the construction of the stencil and its nano-coatings.  This design provides ideal benefits that include reduced waste by allowing re-use.


Step 1: AQUANOX A8820: Charge the machine with 75% water and 25% A8820. No heat is required.

Step 2: Program the machine for the wash cycle time.

Step 3: Following the wash process, the stencil will be lifted evenly with the filtered cleaning agent used to rinse the stencil.

Step 4: Stencil is placed in a tray to dry.

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